Jul 18, 2018

Earlier this month a primary school in Croydon told parents that their children would be taking part in a ‘Pride’ march to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.

The school wanted pupils to march to celebrate adult sexual choices at an age where some of them, according to the Daily Mail, “are still learning to read and can’t yet tell the time.”

Despite the school saying that the parade was compulsory, parents stepped in to defend their children.

On the day 110 pupils were absent, either explicitly because of the march or without providing an explanation. As a result, the planned parade was cancelled, although the school did hold a themed assembly instead.

A threat to parents

Parents at Heavers Farm Primary School had asserted their right to be primary educators of their children on moral matters including marriage, the family and alternative lifestyles.

Yet this fundamental right remains under threat.

Earlier this week Dame Louise Casey, who led a Government inquiry into extremism and integration, told the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee that such parents were extremists.

She told the committee that the law should not allow children to be withdrawn from classes by parents who object to same-sex marriage, saying “they are laws, and they have to be taught.”

In addition she reiterated her proposal that all holders of public office should be forced to swear allegiance to ‘British values’, including same-sex marriage.

The war in the classroom

The backdrop to these stories is the Government’s ongoing attempt to formulate guidance for new relationships education programmes to be taught in all primary schools.

Over the weekend it was reported in the Sunday Times (£) that these classes will force “consent lessons” on pupils as young as four.

Earlier this year we asked our supporters to respond to the Government’s initial consultation exercise on what relationships education lessons should include.

Our guidance was downloaded thousands of times by parents, grandparents and teachers who wanted to ask the Government to respect childhood and promote marriage.

We will be closely analysing the draft guidelines over the weeks to come and will write to you on how you can make your voice heard further in support of parents once these are out.

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