Obsession with gay marriage will cost Tories the next election

Jul 17, 2012

The Conservative Party in the 21st century has set out to “assail and menace” established institutions like the family and the Church of England, Thomas Pascoe writes on the Telegraph website today.

He says the party is “obsessed with the rights of marginal groups” and has “quarrelled with the Church of England over its attitude to gay marriage” as well as meddling with other national institutions.

He adds: “there are very few voters whose opinions correlate with the most moderate possible position. The common ground is not the same as the centre ground, as my colleague Norman Tebbit has rightly noted.”

And he argues that policies like gay marriage will “force from the Conservative Party those voters on the Right who desire protection from the state and take solace in the traditional institutions of the country.”

He concludes: “If voters are to have a positive reason to vote for the party, however, it needs to come from the defence of traditional institutions, not their further destruction.”