Not bowing to the crowd over gay marriage? Then face being called a bigot…and worse

Nov 6, 2015

Being labelled a bigot and even losing your livelihood is what faces those who stand up for true marriage, commentator Virginia Blackburn has said.

Writing in the Daily Express on freedom of speech, she said the erosion of liberty to speak out for what you believe in is reminiscent of the Soviet Union.

Blackburn said: “Those who still express reservations about gay marriage are called bigots, taken to court, had their livelihoods destroyed and all because they don’t kowtow to what some people tell them what they should think.”

That will be all too familiar for people like the McArthur family – owners of Ashers Baking Company – who were taken to court for backing true marriage.

They sadly are not the only ones – as our 30 cases of people being punished for believing in traditional marriage shows.

Blackburn continued: “This is exactly what happened in the Soviet Union while we in the West prided ourselves on not agreeing with what you say but defending to the death your right to say it.”