Leaflet drop surges to three million!

Jan 22, 2013

C4M is upping its leaflet drop from one to three million leaflets, as part of a drive targeting 65 key constituencies in England and Wales.

The leaflets, which will be dropping onto the doormats of three million homes, urge voters to lobby their local MP against plans to redefine marriage.

Meanwhile, activists have been out on high streets in various locations, handing out leaflets to the public (see photos on our Flickr page). The on-street initiative is set to continue in coming weeks.

C4M’s aim is to reach ordinary voters who have been ignored by the government. Redefining marriage was not a manifesto pledge, nor was it part of the Programme for Government, and the so-called public consultation was a disgraceful sham.

The public has been ignored, but we are making sure that real voters get a genuine chance to have their say.