Labour’s £4bn bail out of same-sex marriage Bill

May 21, 2013

Drowning under a backbench rebellion in the House of Commons last night, a spluttering David Cameron grabbed the only lifeline on offer – Labour’s £4bn bail out of the Bill to redefine marriage.

In exchange for rescuing him from the raging ocean of discontent, the Prime Minister backed Labour’s idea of an immediate review of civil partnerships, including whether to extend them to heterosexual couples.

The pensions minister says that could cost the country up to £4bn in public service pension rights alone, but some politicians will do anything to tear up the centuries old definition of marriage.

While the rest of us struggle to pay our bill in an economy that still needs fixing, the metropolitan elites are prepared to splash billions on meddling with marriage.

We always said this Bill would unravel the meaning of marriage, and now we’ve been proved right. Once you move away from the real meaning of marriage, it all comes undone.

C4M’s Colin Hart said last night: “The Government has allowed Labour to attach a £4bn ticking time bomb set to explode after a brief consultation on civil partnerships. It’s yet another twist that wasn’t in anyone’s manifesto.

“Civil partnerships are cracked open to allow in heterosexual couples. The Government has lost control, marriage has been left in limbo, it’s a complete dog’s breakfast, and the Bill should be dropped before more damage is done.”