Interview: What’s the future of marriage?

Aug 13, 2022

This week I catch up with Piers Shepherd from the Family Education Trust (FET), to find out more about their work and resources.

Piers tells me how the FET’s work covers all issues that relate to marriage, the family and the welfare of young people.

Founded fifty years ago to combat the “breakdown of the family and consequences of casual sexual behaviour following the sexual revolution”, Piers explains how the FET now produces information resources on a wide range of topics.

Their publications include: ‘Sex Education or Indoctrination’, ‘Broken Homes and Battered Children’, and ‘Unprotected’, highlighting child sexual exploitation in the UK.

The FET have also published a booklet written by C4M, containing evidence and arguments in support of real marriage, ‘Marriage and Divorce in the Liberal Imagination’. You can download a PDF version from our website.

Piers tells me how the FET’s work seeks to highlight the “extra moral element” that is often ignored by the mainstream media. Examples include the “obscene things” being taught in some schools, as well as resources that give “a green light to sexual behaviour [to children] as young as 13”.

The FET were one of the organisations, together with hundreds of thousands of individuals, who came together to form C4M. We continue to stand for one man, one woman marriage in the public square, and the importance of real marriage as the basic building block of a stable