Mar 9, 2024

Pastor Ryan Clarke is facing significant challenges after expressing support for man-woman marriage. He found his Derbyshire church shunned by local schools after contacting a council official to point out that belief in real marriage isn’t homophobic. You can listen to his story here:

Pastor Clarke wrote to his local Mayor after she expressed a public wish that all homophobes have an uncomfortable Pride Month. While also inviting her for tea, he politely pointed out that believing marriage is between a man and a woman does not “make you a homophobe”. Following this action however, he says more than three local schools have now cut ties with his church.

Despite the clear legal protections for people holding these views on marriage, and Education Act requirements for balance in the curriculum, Pastor Clarke says he has encountered opposition and public mischaracterisation for his beliefs.

However, Pastor Clarke’s resolve remains unshaken. He emphasises the necessity of dialogue and understanding, saying that his church only ever seeks to engage in respectful conversations rather than perpetuating division. However, he feels this has been met with “bullying” by those who disagree.

Pastor Clarke firmly believes in the immutable nature of marriage and family, stating that it “cannot be reinvented”. He expresses concern that failing to teach children about the value of traditional marriage in schools is “robbing them of something very needed”. Therefore, he firmly asserts, “silence … cannot be an option anymore”.

C4M exists to champion marriage as the lifelong exclusive union of one man and one woman. While many other relationship types exist in modern Britain, real marriage is still the gold standard for best outcomes among children, adults and wider society. Far from cutting ties with organisations that teach this, schools should be flocking to hear them.