Interview: ‘Tactics of tyranny being used to attack marriage’

Dec 17, 2022

It may not surprise you that a former US Central Intelligence Agency analyst who spent ten years studying the propaganda tactics of totalitarian regimes says the same techniques are being used to push anti-marriage ideology today. I spoke to Stella Morabito to find out more.

Now a writer and commentator, Stella tells me about the “woke creep” and “progressive ideology” which is “taking over all institutions”. This, she says, is being driven by a “fear of being socially rejected” if you don’t comply. It is mostly seen in the “demonisation campaign” to shut up and censor anyone who “has a different opinion about marriage”. Stella explores this more fully in her recent book, “The Weaponization of Loneliness”.

Speaking about the so-called ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ in the US and how it contrasts with the earlier ‘Defence of Marriage Act’, Stella says: “It’s all about power”. “Tyrants absolutely need to isolate people in order to control them”. Strong families, she goes on, are “anathema” to power-hungry governments.

It is clear to Stella that “the push” for same-sex marriage is simply a move towards “abolishing all state recognition of marriage”. “If a state doesn’t have to respect your marriage it really doesn’t have to respect your biological relationships”. This puts the state in ultimate control of domestic partnerships and educating children. “It really is a war on all personal relationships”, she says.

But “this is an asymmetric war”, she says, and “we are not going to get out of it by depending on any of the current corrupted institutions”. “Family”, she insists, must continue to serve “as a buffer between the mass state and the individual”.

“When people are able to overcome the fear of saying what they believe, it does have a ripple effect”. Therefore it falls on those who have strong family ties “to get out there and lead the way”. “Free speech”, according to Stella, “is use it or lose it”. Quoting the French philosopher Jacques Ellul, she concludes by stating that “Propaganda ends where simple dialogue begins”.

At C4M, we recognise that it’s up to supporters of real marriage to promote real marriage. We celebrate our tens of thousands of supporters up and down the country, who stand with us in advocating for that foundational bedrock of society, man/woman marriage. If we are to prevail, we cannot relent.