Interview: Real marriage worth the fight

Aug 26, 2023

I sat down with Tim Dieppe, Head of Public Policy at Christian Concern, who recently wrote about the difficulties real marriage supporters can face. We discuss how we can positively influence a culture that is increasingly rejecting the importance of man-woman marriage.

We speak about recent legal cases and news items which show the growing challenge many have faced in expressing views on man-woman marriage. Tim shares his concerns that marriage defenders are increasingly “self-censoring” because they are “acting on the belief that it’s socially acceptable to discriminate” against real marriage supporters. But it is vital that those who are able to speak out do so. If they don’t, argues Tim, “everyone goes quiet”.

Yet, the increasing opposition to real marriage has led to some people being more willing to defend it. Tim encourages anyone looking to make a difference to take active leadership roles in society. Whether it’s participating in local political associations or other community organisations, engagement is now the key.

Tim concludes by observing that today’s culture sees mere toleration of different views as no longer good enough. Instead, people are expected to ‘approve’ of the dominant viewpoint. This way of thinking has even entered our schools. But this challenging environment is a good opportunity for parents to become more engaged in their children’s education.

At C4M, we know that despite opposition real marriage leads to the best outcomes for the next generation. More and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of undermining man-woman marriage. We will continue to campaign so that real marriage can not only endure but thrive.