Mar 23, 2024

Agency teaching assistant, Ben Dybowski, tells me how he was sacked for serious professional misconduct because he dared to believe marriage is between a man and a woman. More specifically, Ben says he was sacked, because he refused to promise not to share those views – even in his private life. Please listen to our astonishing conversation here.

Ben’s journey began when he expressed his views during a staff training session at the school where he worked. His expression of what he calls ordinary Christian values led to a series of events that ultimately saw him escorted from the site and labelled as a “safeguarding” risk. Ben’s straightforward viewpoint, “I believe true marriage is between a man and a woman”, was deemed unacceptable by a small number of staff who said they subsequently felt unsafe around Ben.
This incident went beyond Ben losing his job; he was then reported to his professional body. However, after several months of investigation, Ben says they found he had no case to answer. 
In spite of these challenges, Ben remains steadfast, saying he’s taking legal action via employment tribunal, to stand up for his beliefs. He tells me, “I tried to do something,” and he calls for others to do the same. If ten people in the school also said what they truly believe, according to Ben, that would be too many for the school to dismiss. 
C4M champions the cause of man/woman marriage, contesting the notion that supporting it should invite penalties. Legally sanctioned and socially beneficial, this stance isn’t just a right – it’s a moral duty.