Interview: Have your say on gender guidance for schools

Mar 2, 2024

John Denning from The Christian Institute joins me to explore the significant challenges posed by the trans movement to the understanding of real marriage. He encourages us all to take part in the Government’s consultation on gender guidance for schools – links below. You can listen to John explain further in our interview here.

John emphasises the pressing need for clear guidance in schools, many of which are overshadowed by trans activist groups. He states, “other organisations have got in there”, pushing their agenda. This intrusion threatens the very fabric of societal norms, including the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.

The Government’s draft gender guidance offers a beacon of hope, yet its success hinges on our active engagement. John emphasises, “it’s really helpful if people do that, especially teachers, medical professionals… the more responses the better”. He advocates for widespread participation in the Government consultation, closing on 12th March 2024, to ensure our voices are heard.

For those willing to contribute, links to the consultation and guidance on participation are available from both The Christian Institute and Christian Concern.

John concludes by saying, “if we’re pleased that the Government has finally issued it… we need to support it”.

As the UK’s leading pro-marriage organisation, C4M’s tens of thousands of supporters know the value of real marriage to society. Let’s take this opportunity to make our collective voices heard.