Jul 22, 2023

In an enlightening interview, Harry Miller, a fearless defender of free speech, gives his insights on the contemporary socio-political landscape. As the founder of Fair Cop, ex-policeman Miller has brought about a key shift in the legal framework. This accomplishment, while rooted in preserving freedom of speech, has direct implications for supporters of real marriage.

Miller delves into the troubling issue of police recording “non-crime hate incidents”, which has led to potential bias in employment opportunities for individuals expressing LGBT-critical views. His successful legal challenge of this covert and inappropriate procedure creates a safer space for open discussion surrounding real marriage.

Miller robustly refutes any attempts to marginalise or criminalise those who uphold traditional values. “Let’s hear what you have to say, give us your best shot at an argument and let us counter it … without anybody claiming bad faith on the other side,” he declares, encapsulating his steadfast dedication to fostering an open and respectful dialogue.

On the subject of displaying rainbow flags on police vehicles, Miller sees this as an unequivocal display of partisan behaviour. He asserts, “we all know that they are picking a side… it’s absolutely political”. He says this underscores the urgent need to challenge any politically-driven actions compromising the impartiality and fairness of our law enforcement.

At C4M, we believe that every individual has a role in safeguarding the principles that define real marriage. We stand ready to uphold the societal importance of real marriage and meet any challenges this may entail.