Interview: Author and commentator Belinda Brown

Jan 7, 2023

Belinda Brown is an increasingly popular writer and conference speaker on man-woman marriage, family, and their importance for the wellbeing of society. She took some time out of her busy schedule to explain her passion for these subjects.

On schools, Belinda says: “It’s becoming increasingly apparent how easily schools can influence children into values and beliefs that go against their own interests”. Schools, she says, are “just becoming dangerous places”.

Belinda agrees that universities telling young people what to think, rather than how to think, is a serious problem. “University”, she says, “should be a place where you can just explore ideas freely”.

“There’s a huge amount of data”, Belinda tells me, “on the benefits of marriage. But a lot of it just doesn’t see the light of day”. Instead, researchers are “blurring together marriage and cohabitation”, hiding the undeniable benefits of man-woman marriage.

“What really changed my mind” about same-sex marriage, Belinda tells me, “was understanding how gay marriage changed the whole meaning of marriage”. In her view, it tears apart “the most basic relationships of our society”, and “the idea that marriage was associated with procreation”.

The epidemic of fatherlessness, according to Belinda, is associated with a lack of marriage. Feminism, she goes on, “has done immense social harm” in wanting to “get rid of the father” by undermining marriage. A lot of “traditional wisdom has been lost”. Her worry is what comes next in the breaking down of traditional taboos.

The data, Belinda concludes, shows marriage is “deeply rooted within our human nature”. She says “we can fight back” in the face of “ridiculous no-fault divorce laws” by “getting married and having stable families”.

At C4M, we applaud Belinda in adding her voice to the increasing number willing to speak out in support of real marriage.