Feb 17, 2024

I recently spoke with Louise Kirk, UK coordinator for Alive to the World, to discuss educational resources that advocate for universally accepted values including marriage. Kirk, known for her extensive background in history and public service, offers insights into alternative curricula that reinforce genuinely inclusive values and behaviours. You can view the interview here:

Alive to the World stands out for its commitment to character development and societal participation, focusing on universally applicable values rather than religious texts or ideological doctrines. Among its benefits, the curriculum emphasises the significance of “marriageability”, underlining its crucial role in fostering personal fulfilment and societal harmony.

Louise explains that these materials have been used to great success in countries such as Venezuela and Peru, where it has contributed to transforming previously violence-ridden educational environments and reducing teenage pregnancy rates. She hopes that the materials will be taken up by those in the UK who seek teaching resources that support society-wide and universal values including marriage.

C4M advocates for a balanced curriculum that fairly presents marriage’s benefits, teaching children that it generally leads to optimal outcomes.