‘I defend marriage because I care about people’ – David Robertson interview

Apr 29, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rev David Robertson, former Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, also known as TheWeeFlea, about the attack on marriage in the West and his proposals for defending the family.

David shared his views on why he defends real marriage, stating that it’s because he cares about other human beings and the poor who are hit the hardest.

David spoke about the devastating effects of redefining marriage for everyone and how it can be seen among the poor and in housing estates across the land. According to him, the progressive agenda in Scotland is being pushed by “civic elites” within academia, politics, the media and corporations, which only make up “about 5,000 people”,  while the Church has become quite “inward looking” and “got caught out”.

Expressing concerns about the proposed ban on so-called conversion therapy, David claimed “it’s a trick, it’s a con”. He argued that when most people hear the term ‘conversion therapy’ they will think of physical coercion or torture, when activists use it to include “praying with somebody” and not “affirming someone’s sexuality”. A conversion therapy ban on their terms would threaten religious freedom which, he said, “is the basis of all the other freedoms we have in our culture”.

David stressed that this is not a time for marriage supporters and the Church to be silent. He said that the “most important thing that people need is a solid family” and if “you remove that glue, things will fall apart”. He urged politicians to stop playing games and speak up, and emphasised that marriage supporters have to model what a good marriage is like.

C4M stands for real marriage because the lifelong, exclusive union of one man and one woman, brings about the best version of the next generation. At a population level, it has optimal outcomes for women, men, children and society – nothing else comes close.