Heterosexual civil partnerships: a recipe for confusion

Dec 13, 2017

Over the weekend it was reported that the British Government would support a Private Members’ Bill which would introduce civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples.

In Scotland a similar scheme was also reported to have won the support of the Scottish National Party’s national council which aims to introduce civil partnerships later in this parliament.

As we told The Sunday Times (£), these plans are another example of the confusion created when Parliament began to alter marriage laws which are tried, tested and well-understood.

Campaign Director Thomas Pascoe told the Sunday Times:

 “If these proposals are successful then marriage will have gone from social gold-standard to one option amongst a bewildering multitude in the space of a generation.

“The privileges of married life require a lifelong commitment to the duties it entails. This is disposable marriage which asks for privilege without responsibility. There is no public demand and it would entail a huge social cost.”

The Private Members’ Bill will likely receive its second reading in February and we will contact supporters closer to the time about how they may make their views known if they wish.

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