Girl Guides could share showers with men

Nov 28, 2017

Girlguiding UK will allow biological males to share showers, toilets, changing rooms and overnight accommodation with its female members as a result of its transgender policy.

The age groups within the movement suggest that a 25-year-old man could share facilities with girls as young as 15.

Leaders of guiding groups have also been advised not to warn parents when their daughter will be asked to share facilities with boys or men.

Women, and men who identify as women, are allowed to join Girlguiding up to the age of 25. Men who say they are women are also able to become leaders of Guide groups.

As a result, these guidelines mean that teenage girls could be put in danger by being forced to share personal facilities and accommodation with sexually mature men.

A Government-led disaster

Organisations such as the Girl Guides are reacting to the guidance of senior Government figures who want to use children in their campaign to promote acceptance of transgender lifestyles.

Prime Minister Theresa May has committed the Government to allowing people to change gender without a medical reason, removing protections against those transitioning in bad faith.

Mrs May has also pledged to use compulsory Relationships Education in English primary schools to “[make] sure LGBT issues are taught well” to children between five and 11 years old.

Education not indoctrination

Education Secretary and Equalities Minister Justine Greening will oversee both the demedicalisation of transgenderism and promotion of LGBT relationships, including same-sex marriage, in schools.

Neither of these policies were in the last Conservative Party manifesto.

In our ComRes poll earlier this year, nine in ten Conservative Party councillors said the Government should drop the politically correct agenda and concentrate on core business.

Others are making the same point: the Catholic Bishops have urged the Secretary of State to refocus and deliver on her manifesto promises in respect of the admissions cap in education.

Initiatives such as this send a message to Westminster: get back to the manifesto, and start putting children first.

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