Mar 8, 2019

At times it might feel like you’re the only one supporting traditional marriage when you speak to friends, family or scroll through social media. But you are not alone.

Responses to the Government’s Relationships and Sex Education consultation show hundreds of people explaining why they deeply care about marriage. Just think of the hundreds of thousands of others who didn’t respond but hold the same view.

In all, more than 11,000 people took the time to reply. Of these, nearly three in five (58%) said that the proposed content of Relationships Education for primary schools was not “age appropriate”.

Opposition was even more marked for Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools, with 64% saying the content was unsuitable.

There was also widespread concern at the prospect of parental withdrawal being undermined.

But it is the remarks made about marriage that are particularly striking. Here are some excerpts:

Relationships Education in Primary Schools: “A large proportion of responses about relationships referenced teaching about commitment and marriage (727) with some responses criticising the guidance for not placing enough emphasis on the value of marriage, often specifically heterosexual marriage.”

Sex Education in Primary Schools: “Comments highlighted the importance of teaching about marriage and commitment (807), often specifically traditional marriage between a man and a woman.”

People want to see traditional marriage have its proper place in school. No other specific topic was even close to having such a large number of comments.

Thank you. And be encouraged. You’re not alone.