C4M guide reveals impact same-sex marriage could have on Irish schools

May 12, 2015

What links two kings, two roommates and a duckling? They could all feature as gay characters in books for Irish primary schools after 22 May, if marriage is redefined.

These unlikely characters, and many others, feature in story books for young children promoted by organisations including public bodies and Stonewall – the UK-based gay rights group.

Images and text from the books are included in C4M’s guide on the impact of same-sex marriage on education , which can be downloaded from today.

Gay Marriage in Primary Schools details how other countries have dealt with concerns over such controversial books as King & King – and it makes for grim reading.

As the introduction says: “The redefinition of marriage is a policy proposal with society-wide implications.”

Books highlighted by the guide include Mom and Mum are getting Married! and Josh and Jaz have three mums.

In Daddy’s Roommate a young boy tells the story of his father and mother getting divorced and a new male partner living with his dad.

“Daddy and his roommate Frank live together”, he says. “Being gay is just one more kind of love”, he adds.

King & King features royal princes who get married, while the follow-up book sees the pair adopt a little girl in King & King & Family.

The C4M booklet draws these books together to give voters an insight into what they could be ushering into Irish primary schools unless they vote No on 22 May.