Jul 3, 2024

The Church of England has published its latest proposals to introduce standalone services of same-sex blessings. The plans face a backlash ahead of this week’s General Synod session.

Our supporters come from all faiths and none but we deeply regret that England’s established Church seems set on undermining its historic commitment to real marriage.

Eleven bishops have broken ranks and called on their colleagues to admit that what they are doing departs from the Church’s doctrine of marriage.

An alliance of 27 Church of England leaders representing 2,000 clergy has also objected. They warned the Archbishops of Canterbury and York that, should the plans go ahead, they will set up a “parallel Province” within the Church.

At C4M, we applaud those fighting to keep the gold standard of man-woman marriage at the heart of the Church’s teaching. We join them in calling on Church leaders to turn back from this path, which seems set not only to split the C of E, but also to deprive future generations of a Church that confidently sets out why the true meaning of marriage is best for humanity.