Backlash against the gender extremists targeting children

Nov 14, 2017

The Coalition for Marriage’s campaign to protect children from the politicians, schools and businesses targeting them with transgender propaganda has won important support from The Times.

In an editorial published yesterday (£) the newspaper argues that:

It is time the lobbyists stopped being so irresponsible and it is time that the medical and the political establishments took their duty of care seriously, ignored the charge of not being politically correct and stood firmly against this damaging trend.

The front page of yesterday’s Sun newspaper also features a story which we highlighted in an article last week covering the state-funded London nurseries holding what the paper calls “trans classes for kids age 2”.

This support comes shortly after the announcement (£) that the Government has delayed a consultation exercise on its plans to make it easier to change gender in England and Wales owing to the difficulties raised by campaign groups such as ours.

Scottish warning

The Scottish Government announced the launch of its own consultation exercise on making gender transition easier last week.

These deeply illiberal proposals threaten the fabric of family life in Scotland. They include:

  • Creating a third legal gender, neither male nor female.
  • Allowing children as young as 12 to become transgender through the courts even without parental consent.

In addition, separate guidance endorsed last week by the Scottish Government advised schools to allow children to switch and become transgender without parental consent (£).

As our campaign director told the Scotsman: “Instead of turning these vulnerable children against their parents, the Scottish Government should be supporting families as the best environment to provide the love and support confused children need.”

The consultation closes on 1st March 2018. The Coalition will write to its Scottish supporters before this date to advise them how they can participate in the consultation.

Our campaign is making a difference

There are enough bad people in the world for parents to worry about. They should not be in constant fear of bad government too.

Stories like that of the teacher who was suspended for ‘mis-gendering’ a girl who had decided to transition to become a boy are frustrating for all of those who believe in free speech and family life.

However, working with politicians and the media we have been able to help make the transgender assault on families and children a mainstream issue. With your support we continue to work to solidify the opposition to this damaging trend and halt its progress into law.

This is an extract from one of the Coalition for Marriage’s regular communications with its supporters. If you would like to register as a marriage supporter and receive these updates, you may do so here.