Article: the Government cannot change human nature so it confiscates words

Oct 30, 2017


Some of you may be interested in this article which I wrote for the Conservative Woman blog covering the attitude of the Conservative Party’s leadership towards social conservatism:

Not only has marriage been progressively diluted by the liberalisation of divorce and the admission of same-sex couples, but fundamental pillars of our society such as language are now threatened.

If it is possible to become a man or woman by an act of imagination then the words no longer have any agreed meaning. This is not the same as the organic change which naturally adjusts the meaning of words over time in a living language. Instead I mean that the state redefines words using the coercive force of hate-crime laws so that they have an opposite meaning to the one previously agreed.

This is the problem of government by lawyers. They believe that the impossible can be made possible through the statute book. Previously the phrase ‘two men married to one another’ would have been logically impossible as marriage was the word used to describe the lifelong union of a man and a woman. They think that by appropriating the word, the natural family unit changes too. It doesn’t. What has happened is that the word that described it has been confiscated by the state. This is now happening to women. A woman is born with female reproductive organs that would, under normal circumstances, allow her to give birth. If we say that the word ‘woman’ may now include a person born with a penis, we have not changed any of the facts of life, we have simply confiscated a useful word and made it meaningless by state decree.

Without common language, there can be no inherited knowledge. All of this we appear prepared to jettison because of our deeply unsophisticated concept of compassion.

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